About AiTORA


Kanji Details: (n) INDIGO, colour (Persicaria tinctoria, used to produce indigo dye)

TORA【 虎 】

Kanji Details: (n) TIGER (Panthera tigris)

AiTORA opened its doors in 2018 deep in Barcelona´s gothic quarter, the mission, to try and deliver the finest raw denim from traditional artisan craftsmen in Japan. 
Focusing on sourcing only the best that Japanese Mills had to offer in order to provide our customers with clothing and accessories made to the very highest standards, superior quality and legendary craftsmanship.
..And so AiTORA was born, in a tiny corner close to busy bustling destination that is el Palau De la Musica in the heart of Barcelona, the store offers its visitors moment of calm, tranquility and superlative Japanese denim.