Aitora opened its doors in 2018, Barcelona was vibrant, lively and full of opportunity and at the time we were comfortable and happy to be living in such a cool city. 

The store opened its doors down a small quiet street in the Gothic part of the city, we loved our location, it wasn't super central..but at the same time, if you fancied a stroll down the back streets, we were never more than a ten min walk from ground zero.

That first yr was a steep learning curve, but, the passion for the project helped us get over any unseen issues that arose and after that first summer we'd managed to put together a nice group of local customers, furthermore,  due to our tourist friendly location...a steady footfall of vacationing visitors who had a denim itch to scratch would often pop by. 


2019 was good to us, we made a conscious decision to try and grow organically... we had no signage outside the store and did no promo,  we strongly believed the product would speak for itself and everything would just fall into place and to a great extent it did.. customers started turning up via word of mouth, a few kind reviews helped direct folk our way... and the 25oz Iron Heart 666 standing in the shop window helped steer denim heads through our (sliding) door!


....Then we all know what happed in 2020. Like many other retailers, we were faced with a tough decision, stick it out and see... or take a step sideways to keep things moving forward. Its hard to put into words what is to finally jack in your 9-5, start up your dream project, have it all go well...and then almost feel like its taken from you.

Ultimately, we decided to up sticks and move closer to family in the northern spanish countryside. City life in Barca towards the end of 2019 and then add to that the pandemic of 2020 got a little tense... a change was needed.  The plan had always been to move out to the countryside at some point or other and in October 2020 we did just that..  

Now our views are:


To all our customers and friends who visited us at the Barcelona store.. thank you.. to all our customers who then became friends thank you.. we hope everyone continues to support and follow us as the journey continues...