The M65

Initially designed for the US military in 1965 just as American troops were entering the Vietnam conflict, the M65 Jacket was created to withstand the extreme climates of the region. It has since achieved cult status and has firmly become cemented in modern day life. 

This Iron Heart M65, features excellent construction and attention to detail as has come to be expected and remains super close to the original, including four front pockets and stand-up collar with a built-in hood, but with additional, useful side hand-warmer and internal pockets, it is also lined with a waterproof Ventile.


 The origins and evolutions of most military jackets can be traced back fairly easily, especially those of the US Army. These were garments built for a purpose, featuring highly functional design solutions that were top-notch at the time – and often still are, hence,  many of these outfits have become civilian styles that persist till this day. The M65 in particular has transitioned to civilian life ironically maybe due to its association and acceptance into the 60's peace movement, more cynically, maybe it was due to the vast amount of jackets available post Vietnam war in the secondary surplus market or maybe it was aided by its appearance in big screen hits such as The Terminator, Taxi Driver, First Blood..maybe it was just a combination of all three.