N1 Deck Jacket

The N1 Deck Jacket came into production around the early 1940s for the US Navy, it has since then been much copied and seamlessly has evolved from being purely a functional built to last item into a style icon in its own right. 
This Iron Heart version remains true to the original basing on the old adage “if it ain't broke, don't fix it". The one significant, but unseen change is the addition of interlining to increase wind resistance. A seriously warm and stylish winter jacket.


Originally, the Deck jacket was designed to keep naval personnel and sailors warm aboard ship whilst battling the bitter Atlantic Sea. At first they were made in Naval blue, this was subsequently changed to the khaki colour as amongst other things, it was deemed more suitable for the legibility of stencils and other military embellishments that came to adorn them. 

Cotton grosgrain jungle cloth formed the outside whilst a wool and alpaca lining  took care of the interior. In addition to strong outer layer and warm lining, the wool knit ribbed cuff and drawstring bottom to keep the cold out make it a solid piece for the cold wether at sea or not!