Iron heart Wabash


Iron Heart stocks a variety of Wabash offerings, including shirts, jackets, and chore coats. The Wabash fabrics used by Iron Heart Japan are designed from first principles by Haraki-san and are available in indigo, sulphur dyed black, and white. Featured is the 6oz Wabash Work Shirt, IHSH-327-IND and IHJ-109-BLK 12oz Wabash Work jacket.   

       IHSJ-327             IHSH-327

Known for its unique appearance and durability Wabash fabric is created using a process called "discharge printing," in which the color is removed from the indigo fabric and then dyed again. This process creates a distinctive pattern on the fabric that is often used in workwear and uniforms.
Featured below, the 12oz Wabash Work jacket, IHJ-109-BLK 
          IHJ-109-blk               IHJ-109-BLK


The origins of Wabash fabric have been a topic of debate for many years, with two main theories emerging. The first theory suggests that the fabric was named after the Wabash Railroad Company, which was a major transportation company in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The company was known for its distinctive blue and white striped uniforms, which may have inspired the creation of the Wabash fabric.The second theory suggests that the fabric was named after the Wabash tribe, a Native American tribe that lived in the area that is now the state of Indiana. The Wabash River, which runs through the state, was named after the tribe, and it is possible that the fabric was also named after them.

          IHJ-109-BLK                IHSH-237